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Bath Leather Goods Key Bell in black, front & reverse view

Key Bell


Our Key Bells are a firm favourite. With a pull on the strap the keys disappear inside the leather "bell"  and the strap is fastened with the press stud.

When the press stud is released just hold the keybell vertically, give it a quick shake and let gravity release the keys to hang below the bell. Easy.

These are a heavy duty key case made to last many years.

If you have up to 8 keys of varying shapes and lengths these cases are a good option.

Please bear in mind that most car keys have large plastic ends and are probably too big to fit this case.

External Dimensions: Height 110 mm, Width 85 mm.

The longest key that can fit inside completely is 60 mm long.

The Chubb key that can be seen in the product photo slightly protruding from the bottom of the key case is 70 mm long.

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