Bath Leather Goods "Penknife" style key case

"Pen Knife Style" Key Case


This style of keycase originated in the 1950's. Cadillac car keys in the USA were originally housed in a version of this case.

The single press stud holds the front cover down to make a compact case that fits easily in the hand. Inside is a solid brass bolt at each end housing a total of 8 keys inside. At one end is a keyring that can be used for larger modern car keys.

If you would like this case personalised at no charge we can put initials or a short name, up to 6 letters, on the left side of the front flap.

This type of case works very well with most Yale keys or standard deadlock keys (like a Chubb key) but you can't fit wide or long keys inside. Each key needs a standard round keyring hole for the bolt also.

Dimensions: Height 35 mm, Width 110 mm